Importance of job interviews

How much importance have jobs interviews while trying to be hired in a company?
This is a very common question, most of the people think that the personal interview is merely the last step before getting a job in the company, but this is not true, the personal interview is the way that companies have to evaluate not only the professional skills of the person, but also his attitude against different situations which could occur during the development of the work.
The main aims of a job interview are to:

  • Obtain direct and true information about your professional career an personality.
  • Contrast and complete information of your CV, once they have decide that you could be suitable for that job.
  • Discover the suitability of your profile to the company and the position offered.
  • In some cases like companies which elaborate dangerous weapons or chemical products evaluate your mental faculties, this is done by a professional psychologist in some of the cases by practicing Rorschach tests on you.

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